Welcome to this week's Governance Newsletter #70! This week we have three passed and two active proposals—all available in full length via our Snapshot and the ShapeShift forum. To stay up-to-date with the governance, please subscribe to the ShapeShift Transparency Youtube channel. Let’s continue to DAO it!

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Product & Creative Services WorkStream Renewal Dec 15-June 15

SCP-119 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • With the passing of this proposal, the DAO continues funding the Product & Creative Services Workstream’s anticipated budget from Dec 15 to June 15 2023.

Nomination of @Hpayne to become the new Marketing Workstream Leader

SCP-116 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • By passing this proposal, the DAO appoints @Hpayne to become the full-time Marketing Workstream Leader and transitions Tyler out of the Interim Marketing Workstream Leader position for the remainder of the workstream's budget period.

Deposit $3500 of MPS/USDC liquidity to increase Rev Share %

SCP-118 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $3,500

  • This proposal approves a deposit of $3500 of liquidity into the Mt. Pelerin Liquidity pool in order to earn an extra 35% of revenue on each purchase through Mt. Pelerin On-Ramp.

Claim and delegate SAFE Airdrop

SCP-120 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • With this proposal, the DAO approves the transactions to claim the vested portion of the SAFE airdrop and delegate voting power to Auryn.eth prior to the December 27th deadline. Additionally, the Treasury Management and Diversification Committee is authorized to manage both vested and unvested SAFE tokens going forward.


2023 Jan-Jun Moderation Workstream Renewal

Total Proposed Budget: $69,600

  • The Community Moderation Workstream is primarily responsible to support the community and to maintain the integrity of all ShapeShift various platforms such as Discord, The Forum, and Notion. Future platforms that the community chooses to implement may also be included.

SCP 115 vs. SCP 117

Total Proposed Budget: based on passed proposal


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