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Borrow against Bitcoin and Ethereum without interest, expiration, or risk of liquidation.
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How does THORChain Lending work?

Deposit  BTC or ETH into THORChain lending and receive debt at 50% Loan-To-Value. Your debt is always denominated in USD but can be  received or repaid easily with any asset supported by THORChain.Pay back your debt and THORChain will send you back your collateral.

THORChain  deploys collateral in the liquidity pools, allowing the protocol to  earn yield from swap fees. This provides users the opportunity to borrow  without charging interest. THORChain's  unique architecture unlocks the value of  your assets without having to sell your coins or worry about  liquidations.

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop

THORChain Lending calculator

Calculate your Bitcoin and Ethereum loan for free with ShapeShift’s THORChain loan estimator. Loans  have a minimum term of 30 days.  

All loans have:

💸 0% Interest
💧 No Liquidations
💀 No Expiration

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Never liquidated

Borrow and Lend your crypto with ease & keep your loans for as long as you need. No interest. No liquidations. Ever.

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop


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Tap into the cutting-edge of Bitcoin and Ethereum DeFi and start earning with your crypto now with THORChain and ShapeShift.

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FOX token airdrop

ShapeShift says: “Deposits for THORChain lending are currently halted.” Why can’t I use THORChain lending right now?

  • Opening loans consumes a portion of the lending capacity and burns RUNE, while closing loans frees up capacity and mints new RUNE, making the lending cap dynamic. Currently, under the existing Lending Lever, the maximum lending capacity stands at approximately 7 million RUNE.

ShapeShift says I don’t have enough funds to deposit or pay back my THORChain loan. Why can’t I deposit, withdraw from, or interact with my loan?

  • All transactions on THORChain require gas, which must be provided from the originating address, not from any active positions. Additionally, you need adequate gas in the originating address to engage with THORChain lending services.