Streaming Swaps

THORChain Streaming Swaps are an innovation that automatially breaks up large trades into smaller trades executed over a short period of time, creating a best-in-class trading experience no matter the size of the trade. Liquidity demands can be met over time, rather than all at once—meaning even whale-sized swaps pay minimal fees and slippage.

No matter how large the trade, get the most when you trade with ShapeShift.
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How it works

Send one transaction, and let THORChain handle the rest by breaking it down into continuous optimized sub-swaps executed over time. Streaming Swaps saves you on gas fees while securing a more favorable average price by allowing real-time intra-swap pool rebalancing.

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The benefits

Get the execution of your favorite CEX with the privacy and security of a DEX when you trade on ShapeShift. Any time, any size, anywhere.

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop

Multichain Crypto Trading

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and 10,000 other assets permissionlessly and privately.

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I just made a trade on THORChain via ShapeShift and my assets aren’t showing up. Where are my assets?

  • All THORChain actions (Streaming swaps, THORchain trades, Savers actions, Liquidity Pool (LP) actions are fulfilled through an internal queue via the THORchain protocol. This process can take anywhere from 1 minute to a couple hours to fully complete your desired action.Please check your transaction ids here or type in[paste your txid here]. If your transaction does not show up, please check again in a few minutes.

ShapeShift says I don’t have enough funds to THORChain. Why can’t I deposit or withdraw from my THORChain LP?

  • All transactions made on THORChain require gas. You must have enough gas to send the transaction from the origination address to THORChain. You cannot pay gas from your LP position to withdraw your funds. You must also have adequate gas in the origination address to withdraw any LP. Here are two links to check the current gas:

    Bitcoin Gas []
    Ethereum Gas []

    ShapeShift can help you consolidate UTXO’s (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin) from other address’ through a self-send transaction, provided you have an adequate balance in another address.